5 essential tools for pizza delivery men

A good mechanic uses good tools, and a good delivery man should too. If you want to increase your pizza delivery tips and income, then you need tools that make your job easier.

A cell phone. Cell phones are pretty cheap and ubiquitous these days. They are also the most useful tool in a driver’s arsenal. If you want, you can call all customers and let them know you’re on your way. If you get lost, you can call for directions. If you have any problems, you can call your store. The list goes on and on. If most of your shifts are nights, you can probably save money by choosing a plan with nights and weekends off.

A log book with a folder.. Use this to keep track of your good (and bad) customers, their tips, gas receipts, car maintenance receipts, etc. If you discover any addressing oddities for particular areas, note them down as well. Over time, you will collect a huge knowledge base. If you really like to analyze data, you can use this data to connect your tips to Excel and make charts and graphs.

A good map of the city with sectors and an index. You can often find them at gas stations. If you like gadgets, you can also use a GPS device or an iPhone. Some cell phones even have a built-in GPS map. However, keep in mind that your car is a target for theft. Whatever digital gifts you have, you need to keep them safe.

an LED flashlight. I like LED lights because they’re cheap, bright, and tend to last a long time. You’ll need this when you’re making deliveries, examining your car, hitting dogs on the head. I prefer a pocket flashlight, but some drivers like the idea of ​​a full baton flashlight.

Leather gloves. These are great if you have any auto maintenance to do, like changing a tire or checking the oil. Also, you will probably get gas at least once during your shift. Instead of filling your hands with gasoline, use these gloves to keep them clean and soft like a baby 😉

These tools are just the essentials, the basics. If you’d like to learn about other tools you can use to increase your pizza delivery income, apply for Confidential Pizza today.

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