7 differences between original and replica watches

The world is the fusion of scams and originals. Each product is impregnated with a certain duplicity. Clocks are also among them. They are the ones who are not of this world.

Many licensed companies make their trademark watches and scammers make their replicas. When you visit any watch store, they will show you cufflinks and you will not be able to identify them. More often, these distributors attract customers by attracting them through different interesting offers. And ultimately, innocent shoppers get caught up in the plot and their money goes to waste.

Fortunately, technology has provided the feasible approach to understanding the differences between genuine and fake watches. Here are the seven tips that will help you.

1. The first factor is the PRICE. Although they both look identical, but the cost is different and it is important. Branded watches will undoubtedly be expensive and on the other hand, duplicates are less expensive. The authentic ones are manufactured by the certified companies, while, the others are creativity that will fool the customers.

2. The second is the LOGO. Genuine wristwatches are engraved with the company emblem. Alternatively, if it is not real, then the printed logo will not be appropriate. Incorrect spelling, different style, or omitted words are some of the key points that you may notice. A magnifying glass can help you in this task.

3. The third element is the MATERIAL. Suppose you are going to buy the gold Titan watch. You already know that the Titan is the thinnest watch in the world with a minimalist design. Conversely, if the dealer shows you the duplicate, then it will be gold plated, not pure gold.

4. In addition to the above aspects, the STITCHES The imitation watch falls short in most cases. Frayed or threads are not consistent. Meanwhile, authentic watches are impeccable.

5. THE CLOCK BAND It is the other component that will reveal the differences. As for real wristwatches, the enamel is immaculate and of pure material (leather or metal), while that of the replicas is opaque and inflexible.

6. PACKAGING It is the other term that ingenuity will decide. Pay attention to the package. Branded ones are available in high-quality bags or boxes, and counterfeit watches are packaged in dusty bags that are low-quality and unsanitary.

7. Last but not least is the MECHANISM. Brand watches are more than showers of time. Each one-minute component will be manufactured with greater precision and accuracy. Also check the sub-dials. On the other hand, if you see the fake ones, you will surely skip some of the features.

Apart from all these, you can also check the weight of the watch. It is true that branded ones weigh more than pseudo ones. The above information will definitely help you detect the true one. Go and check it out seriously!

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