cake decorating designs

A final package of a thing contributes to a person’s decision to buy it, be it an appliance, equipment, tool, clothing, shoes, other clothing, and especially food. The way a restaurant or bakery presents its products influences the buyer’s decision to buy it. The most attractive thing is the food, the taste it seems. The same goes for a cake. A cake without design makes you think that its appearance is equal to its taste. But when there are decorations that make it look cheerful and sweet, it speaks for it. This is to show that cake decorating is essential. Although having a colorful decoration does not directly imply that it tastes better than the simplest. It’s just that you need to make your cake look presentable so that buyers or guests are attracted to it.

Now, have you ever wondered how those birthday, graduation, wedding, and Thanksgiving cakes were made? Do you want to have that skill in cake decorating? Before proceeding to the decoration of cakes, you need to know how to bake a cake in advance. If you already know how to bake, now let’s proceed to decorating the cake. Here are some popular decorations for most cakes.

Get a decorating bag and tip it with a star shape. You will make stars or star-shaped flowers. Hold the bag upright while the tip of the bag is 1/4-inch above the surface of the cake. Squeeze the decorating bag so that the frosting comes out and forms a star. As you press down, pull the tip out of the cake. To make a flower, add a dot in the center of the star.

Make a green frosting and choose a leaf tip to place in the decorating bag. Do the same steps as you do with the star or the flower.

Use a star tip or leaf tip when applying the whipped cream to the edges of the cake. Match the top and bottom edges for the best look.

When decorating a cake, always remember not to overdo it. Too many decorations on a cake make it look more messy than attractive. Cake decorating is a lot of fun and rewarding when people are amazed by your design.

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