Can bridesmaids wear tiaras without outshining the bride?

After saying yes to the marriage proposal and setting a wedding date, there are 1,001 big and small details that need to be worked out. Part of the decisions that need to be made is the hairstyle that the bride and her bridesmaids will wear. For the bride, choosing a hairstyle is a matter of deciding what works best based on the length of her hair, the cut of the dress, the bridal accessories she will be wearing, and the theme of the wedding.

In some cases, the weather and location of the wedding reception must also be considered. If the wedding is taking place on the beach, for example, you will want a bridal hairstyle that is not easily blown away by the wind or loosened by the heat of the sun.

Tiaras for the bride

One of the factors that must be taken into account when choosing a wedding hairstyle is the accessories that it will wear. Do you plan to have a veil or are you wearing a hat? If you have always dreamed of looking like a princess on your wedding day, why not wear a tiara? Your wedding day is as good a time as any for you to live out your dream and wearing a tiara will literally make you look and feel like a princess on your big day.

Depending on your personality as a bride, you can wear a small princess tiara or one that makes you look like a queen. Choose the ones that are decorated with semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals or pearls. You can make a selection based on the theme of your wedding. For example, if your dress and wedding theme is medieval, a tiara with semi-precious stones is an excellent option.

Choosing tiaras for bridesmaids

Let’s say the bride has already chosen a tiara that she can wear. If she wants to have that coordinated look with her wedding entourage, can the bridesmaids wear tiaras as well without upstaging the bride? Remember that when it comes to planning a wedding, the focus usually falls on the bride and groom, especially the bride. This is precisely why there is an unwritten rule that only the bride should wear white at her wedding.

However, if the bride would like the bridesmaids and the entire entourage to have a coordinated look, there is a way to achieve that consistency. One idea is to choose bridesmaids’ tiaras, which are a miniature version of what the bride is wearing. If the bride has a dainty pearl-embellished tiara, the bridesmaids can wear something smaller that is also embellished with pearls. Or, they can all wear matching hair accessories that are decorated with pearls or any other jewelery that adorns the bride’s tiara.

Bridesmaids Hairstyles to Go With Tiaras

Finally, how do you decide which bridesmaids hairstyles to choose? When choosing bridesmaids hairstyles, the accessories used should be a primary consideration. In this case, since they will be wearing tiaras that are a miniature version of the bride’s, the bridesmaids can wear their hair in a romantic hairstyle. If your bridesmaids have different hair lengths, you can simply have them wear matching accessories and style their locks according to their hair length.

As you can see, there is a way for bridesmaids to wear tiaras without outshining the bride on her big day. By paying attention to the little details, you can have one of the most charming bridal entourages that would look perfect in wedding photos.

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