E8 Cowin Review – Noise Cancellation Has Improved!

Living in a busy urban area is a hectic and demanding activity today. Surrounded by noise particularly during peak hours, it can sometimes come from your neighbors or it could be something else. Privacy is in short supply nowadays and one would seek better relaxation and satisfaction, in particular, listening to your favorite music on your favorite headphones. Gearing up with a pair of headphones that have active noise cancellation could increase your relaxation more productively, namely the Cowin E8. So what are the features that make this headset different from the rest?

Noise Cancellation

First, the 32-decibel Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature does a better job of isolating a substantial number of decibels of sound from various ranges; best, mids and highs. This implies that the ANC has the ability to cancel out airplane rumbles and bus engine noises to a decent degree and block speech from conversations. Thus, it allows you to enjoy your favorite music on the go, but is perhaps less effective in crowded office spaces as the headphones leak sound.

Sound quality

Second, the sound quality is considered acceptable but not the best on the headphone market. So let’s start with the bass, which is the key component of sound quality. The bass only manages to match the thump and rumble common in music with a lot of bass, which means you can still enjoy smooth bass sounds. However, both mid-bass and treble make the overall bass sound a bit too heavy due to over-emphasis on frequencies.


We’ll look at two features that make headphones work better:

Battery duration

The Cowin E8 has 21 hours of battery life with 3.2 hours of charging time, which is considered decent for any headphone lover. This means that the battery will last a day on average, but will be slower when recharged. Bearing in mind that you will have to turn it off manually to save battery.


Bluetooth comes in version 4 and only allows single device pairing. This means that you cannot switch to other Bluetooth sources and that it is fully compatible with other devices. The headset’s ability to switch to other Bluetooth devices is convenient if you use them for work purposes, for example, to accept a conference call while listening to your podcast. In addition, it implies that Cowin E8 is more suitable for personal use than for work purposes. Another missing feature is that Bluetooth does not have Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing, which means that the headphones cannot pair with other NFC devices, making it more tedious for users.


In my opinion, the Cowin E8 is better suited for a solo ranger type motivated for personal use. If you are the type who likes to travel and want to spend some time alone. Then this pair of headphones could be right for you. Better active noise cancellation is worth investing $ 150 in when listening to music or podcasts on the go.

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