Employment discrimination and lawsuit attorneys

It seems we have too many rules, fees, and discrimination lawsuits at American Business. In fact, in the end, this hurts us all. An employer must be able to hire whoever he wishes without being obliged by any rule of law in his employment process.

As an entrepreneur, I want to hire the best man or woman, the most efficient, who will perform with the best quality. If it turns out to be a blue person, so what? If I raise a higher percentage of green people, because they work better together and are on average smarter than humans, then I don’t want anyone to breathe through my neck because they don’t see enough purple people working here.

The government must stay out of these things. Because the government doesn’t do anything right and by threatening or pretending to enforce quota theories or initiating cases or investigations into what color of people XYZ Company hires, everyone loses. In fact, perhaps this is why the government is so inefficient, as they care so much about being politically correct that they cannot do anything.

The best person must get the job, because they deserve it and provide better productivity and in this way competition in the labor supply will solve all problems and prevent people from obtaining leverage against a business while giving lower productivity .

More efficiency in a company means more profits, better expansion, more hiring, better generated tax revenue and that is good for the vitality of our economy and very good for all the people who want good jobs. To hell with anyone who suggests more rules and regulations on work or employment law, as that only helps law firms, who are in cahoots with regulators and professional parasites to perpetuate this political correctness.

Stay out of my business, we should hire whoever we want, when we want and the best person will get the job, that’s the American way and that’s fair to everyone involved. Everyone knows that applying racism to business is not profitable, those who do will fail. So the free market will fix it, but it can’t do it until the government steps aside, along with its string-pulling lawyers. Caesar, where are you now?

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