Enigmata 2 – Flash Game Review

Enigmata 2 is a typical space combat game where you take control of several impressive combat spaceships and destroy the hordes of oncoming enemies. However, more attention and thought has been devoted to Enigmata 2, making it a cut above the rest.

First of all, the graphics are sharp and polished, which is always a bonus. In addition, the controls flow much more freely, the movement is more agile, and the ability to rotate with the mouse makes it much easier to become familiar with them. However, this not all …

… Many games offer updates to help you through difficult levels. But none have as wide and impressive a range as Enigma 2. There are shops, abilities, and missiles that can be purchased in separate sections, each with a wide range. Additionally, more skilled upgrade shops can be unlocked when achievement points are earned, which made me determined to go as far as I could during missions and earn as much gold as possible along the way. When you buy an upgrade, simply drag and drop it across the skill panel, each skill your current spaceship has is assigned a number, when you press that number the corresponding skill will appear. This is by far the most addictive feature of the game, especially the curiosity about what can be bought in the advanced sections of the stores.

The game itself is extremely fast from the start. There is a short tutorial, but there should be nothing new except how to use your skills. Immediately after this you are bombarded by approaching enemies, the movement of your spaceship is fast and very agile, allowing you to maneuver around them, however they are likely to hit you frequently. Fortunately, there is a healing ability for this. The only downside comes from the repeatability of the levels. Though they get noticeably more difficult, and you eventually gain amazing new abilities and other features, each level simply comprises of holding down the left mouse button and zigzagging across the screen.

That said, Enigma 2 easily outperforms many rival games of the same genre, from the range of unlockable and customizable available, to the crisp graphics and smooth motion of the fast-moving spaceship. Altogether, it can provide many hours of fun and is a must for players who enjoy high-tech machine games.

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