Everything you need to know about traveling with your diamond jewelry

Each of us needs a break from our daily and sometimes boring life from time to time. The holidays are the point where you can experiment with new looks and chic styles to enhance your fashion game. Regardless of whether you’re heading to a tropical area or hitting the slopes for a really needed break, you need to design your wardrobe as directed by your goal. Draw your inner fashionista wearing the sparkling diamond jewelry you have and add sparkle to your outfits. Read on for some valuable tips on how to flaunt your jewelry on vacation.

Diamond necklace

These are a staple in every young lady’s ornament box. They add show and oomph to any outfit and complement both western and ethnic clothing. Plus, you can effortlessly wear minor items for your getaway and create an impression with your fashion jewelry pieces to bring out the diva in you. Go safe by wearing pendants along with your diamond necklaces. Keep your jewelry neat and tangle-free by passing the sensitive chain through a tasting straw and screwing on the chain. This will protect them from tangles and also allow them to stay separate from other pieces of jewelry that you carry with you. If you’re wearing chunky jewelry, you can use paper towel motions to keep them organized.

This trap can be used for ornaments such as bracelets, bangles, and anklets. Be sure to put the ornaments in a zip-top sack or a different compartment in your things to keep a proper distance from them and prevent them from getting tossed around. Also, if you are using boxes to carry your ornaments, be sure to add a couple of cotton balls to take up the abundant space in the case and prevent your jewelry from getting tangled.

Diamond earrings

Wearing diamond earrings can be precarious, as they are smaller than other pieces of jewelry and must be stored in sets. Keep them in place by locking them with a gigantic coat button. You can also use old candy tin boxes or mint boxes to store delicate tacks. In case you are carrying multiple types of rings, try using a daily pillbox with compartments assigned for regular pills. In this line you can keep them in order according to the outfit of the day. This trap can even be used for smaller ornaments like nose rings and pins.

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