How To Make $ 1000 A Month Online WITHOUT Tricks, Tricks, Or Gurus (No Bulls)

Earning a thousand dollars a month, 100% online … would change your life? For many people reading this, it would be nice and a bonus, but you probably think that it certainly will NOT make you rich.

And yet … the vast majority of people will NEVER make $ 1000 a month, simply because they are too busy trying to make $ 10,000.00 or some other inflated figure that the “Gurus” have convinced them is the real goal. I agree that adding ZEROS is the key to building a powerful, profitable and long-lasting business model that CAN make it financially free, learning how to set up the system, structure and sequence to make that happen ALWAYS start small.

I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what I did to earn my first $ 1000 in a month years ago. It’s going to be SHORT, sweet, simple, and straight to the point. (Because underneath it all … that’s the way we all want our information, anyway.

1 – Choose a PRODUCT. (not a niche) Find a popular product to use in your own home, or watch on television, or read about ads and deals in your local newspaper or magazines of your choice. The real key to selling affiliate products is CHOOSING products that people already want to buy, and all you have to do is build a bridge between your readers and the vendor.

A good clue? Look for offers that have EPC metrics of $ 100 or more, which means the average affiliate or marketer earns a hundred dollars for every 100 visitors they send.

2 – Create your landing page. (The thin one is INSIDE and be willing to BRIBE and always ask for a name)

In other words, create a very “thin” page that gives your readers 2 options: Leave or JOIN your community. (your mailing list) Offer a bribe or incentive that is very specific about how to use the product or service you selected in step 1. In other words, if you are promoting a popular DVD rental service, you can offer a 5 pages PDF on how to save money at the club, get a free 30-day trial, or how to get an additional movie per month.

3 – Use articles, like this one, to BUILD your list and create your community. Send your readers straight to the landing page above, starting with the articles, and if you create the right incentive, about 30% of your traffic will be recorded, starting from day 1.

4 – Create a simple Q&A style blog that is HYPER specific for 3-5 high paying products.

Basically, ask and answer all the questions that come to mind that are very relevant to those products. Use product names in your post titles … and just use a keyword tool, OR just the free associated questions you think you would like to know before you subscribe to the service or buy the products you are promoting.

5 – Recycle your traffic from your LIST to the blog. How? Constantly asking and offering new answers to key questions every week. You “post” the questions to your list and take them back to the blog to read the answers offered by other readers, or encourage them to offer their own.

I call this system “Content Community Continuum”, and this is only a fraction of its power … and in this case, only to promote offers that are not yours. (although it can also be used to sell your own stuff)

By choosing the right products and following the simple steps above, you can earn $ 1000 in just 30 days. Try to find HIGH payouts. Why? Because it is much easier to sell 10 products that pay you $ 100, than to sell 100 that pay you 10!

(And this is a lesson that took ME, and most other people, TOO long to learn!)

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