How to sit like an alpha male

The best way to get girls to want you is to generate attraction. Women are attracted to different things than men. We like to see a girl with a nice firm butt, small waist, big eyes, etc. Women like to see a guy who seems to be in charge of the room.

It’s not that girls are attracted to power. That is a myth. What attracts women is perceived power. They are attracted to guys who look like men in charge. Women don’t care that you have power. We are talking about total carnal attraction. The appearance of power, even if the girl knows you have none, is all you need to develop that attraction.

So you need to show that power in everything you do, even when you sit down. You have to sit like an alpha male. Here are several ways to show off your masculinity when sitting down.

Occupy space

The first tip is to take up space, and take up as much space as possible. The guys in charge get all the space they want. Sit as if you are the only one allowed on your chair or couch. You can do it in many ways:

1) Spread your legs. You don’t want to stretch them out so much that you look like a bum, but you do want to stretch them out enough to make yourself look big and comfortable.
2) Extend your arms. Put your arms on the sides of the chair as if you were hugging a girl. This comes with the added bonus that if a girl sits next to you, your arm is already around her.

Make sure you take up as much space as you can. You can also put your foot on your knee if that is more comfortable for you.

Be relaxed

You have to sit like you’re relaxed, because alpha males don’t get nervous in the room. That means that in addition to having your legs apart, you have to slouch a bit; not too much or it will look like you’re hiding, but enough to make you look comfortable. Your legs should not shake and your arms and hands should not be tight.

Be strong

Remember, even though you want to look relaxed, you don’t want to look like a bum. Don’t forget to sit tall. Keep your back mostly straight (a bit of a slouch is fine, but not too much), shoulders out, whatever it takes to make you look powerful.

Lean back

Finally, when you’re talking to someone, whether it’s a girl or a friend, you have to remember to lean back. Don’t lean in to hear what they are saying. Bowing is a sign of weakness. The alpha male doesn’t need to bend over to hear other people talk, because the alpha male is the one everyone else should work to listen to.

Win the girl with your body language

The way you carry yourself is what will build their attraction. Even if you’re a nice guy, you still need to display alpha male body language because that’s the kind of body language that attracts girls. It’s one of the reasons girls you’re not interested in start liking you: the body language you display when you’re not interested is almost identical to the body language an alpha male displays all the time.

So when you’re sitting down, don’t forget to keep showing that body language. The way you sit plays a huge role in how girls perceive you. Since you need to appear like an alpha male, you need to make sure you display alpha male behaviors at all times. So sit like a man, man.

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