If you stay away for too long, will your ex forget you?

Anyone who has read my articles and books knows that I am the last person to encourage someone to try to win back the love of an ex who is in a relationship they have always wanted (and never had with you) and who is happy and fulfilled in that. relationship. It is a painful losing battle from the start, for all concerned.

But what if your ex is not in that kind of relationship, he or she may be dating someone new but has a “loose” attachment? Does it make sense to wait 3-6 months before trying to get your ex back due to stupidity? “no contact” rule?

In today’s fast-paced, information-packed society, memories fade too quickly for so many people …

Every now and then your ex hears something … sees something … or something happens that reminds them of you, but if those memories become increasingly distant over time, they tend to fade, distort, or even die, are buried and forgotten. And they seem to fade even faster when there is someone else in your ex’s life who is creating new memories that are replacing your memories.

Before the good memories fade …

And before you rush to get your ex back because you think they’ll forget you, here’s a reality check: Your ex broke up with you for a reason.

I have said this in many of my articles, there is one thing that is common to all human beings of all races, cultures, backgrounds and ages, and that is that people fall in love for many reasons, even someone who is intelligent. , beautiful, pleasant, loving, rich, charismatic, successful, good friend, etc. but that is NOT what makes them want to stay in a relationship. People stay in relationships because of how they FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES WHEN WITH ANOTHER PERSON.

It all comes down to emotions and feelings, and memories have high emotions attached to them. Let me put it another way: memories are “traces” of strong feelings and emotions. Those “footprints” in the shallow sand on the seashore fade faster with just a little wind; Those “footprints” in the soft lava of a melt of pure love solidify into footprints in a rock and can last a lifetime; But those “footprints” in the thick mud in the cold-frozen caves of the heart are the hardest to see and often the hardest to forget.

For example, if the memory of you makes your ex angry about something you said or did; or if your memory brings with it a feeling of inadequacy due to being too critical and demanding; Or if the memory of you makes your ex feel stressed because you are so needy, jealous, or controlling, every time your ex thinks of you, the feelings associated with that memory come up.

It is these associations that make someone who may still have very strong feelings for you feel reluctant and even unwilling to have a relationship with you again.

Isn’t it time to renew your relationship with your ex?

Note that the word here is “re-new”, not fix or repair. It is much more difficult to fix or repair a broken relationship because that means trying to erase the bad memories that tend to linger much longer than the good ones. And there is no guarantee that a Band-Aid cure will stick.

Renew (reboot, rekindle, regenerate, revitalize, rejuvenate, refresh, recharge, etc.) on the other hand has an element of something new, something extra, something different or something updated, and that is exactly what that other “new” person is. is offering your ex.

You cannot compete with the “new” unless you are offering something “new” yourself. That means it all comes down to how quickly you can become a “new” person and compete from a place of personal strength, confidence, and self-love. There’s no getting around it, YOU HAVE TO CHANGE A BETTER YOU to attract your ex back. Most people fear change so much (even when deep down that’s what they want), and it keeps them in misery. Fear and love cannot share the same heart.

It is not enough to learn from bad experiences, it is crucial that you know how to create new positive memories that will make your ex feel GOOD about himself when he is with you and that, in turn, will make him want to return to the relationship. and stay in it.

The longer you wait, the more memories your ex will create with someone else and the more difficult it will be for you to get back together.

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