Internet of Things (IoT) – Smart Kitchens a Reality

The Internet of Things comes to your kitchen

The bigwigs of Internet technology are betting their dollars on the Internet of Things, or “IOT.” Cisco boss John Chambers estimates a $19 trillion market opportunity over the next decade. Just in case, you’re still wondering what this is about; Imagine this, you will be leaving home in the next 20 minutes and you have a busy schedule ahead of you all day. You have a friend who comes over at night. You load your smart Crockpot with stew and put it on. While you’re on the go, you can control your Crockpot settings at home. Later at night, your friend postpones the meeting for an hour, you head to the beauty salon for a long time because of the pedicure. You remotely set the Crockpot to “keep warm” for another hour. You come home from picking up your friend, and she’s wondering “what’s for dinner?”, and you surprise her with steaming stew and biscuits with wine, and yes, you enjoy watching “AHS: Coven” on taped TV. previously.

Everyone enjoys the benefits of the internet in their daily lives, whether it’s texting, sharing pictures or uploading videos to YouTube, but things are no longer limited to your desktop, laptop, iPad or smartphone, advances technologies are touching the sky. It is truly amazing how the emerging concept of the Internet of Things will change your kitchens and cook forever.

The Internet of Things (IoT), also called Cloud of Things (CoT), is a computing scenario that describes your future in which everyday physical objects, be it your home appliances, kitchen appliances, or even cars, will be connected to the Internet. and they will be able to identify themselves. to other devices. IoT is basically connecting any gadget or device with an on and off switch to the internet. Researchers predict that by 2020 there will be 26 billion or even more connected devices.

smart kitchen

Although in its infancy, the concept of IoT is not new to kitchens with major kitchen appliance manufacturers such as LG, Whirlpool and GE showcasing their visions of smart cooking.

LG’s Home Chat function directs your appliances via SMS, asking your refrigerator, for example, to go into energy-saving mode or your oven to start preheating.

GE and Davor had also remotely controlled the ovens.

Belkin released a WeMo-enabled smart slow cooker that lets you adjust the temperature and turn it off and on using a smartphone app.

Tuned devices will make it all happen at the touch of a button, communicating through portable devices like smartphones or iPads, which will act as the brains of the kitchen, making your life easier.

Jarden, a consumer products company that owns a wide range of brand name kitchen appliances, has partnered with Belkin, a consumer electronics manufacturer that specializes in connectivity devices offered by the WeMo line of home automation. Belkin’s previous products were used to monitor the cost and usage of home appliances from a smartphone app. When the two big giants partnered, the concept of WeMo-enabled kitchen appliances came to light and the idea of ​​Smart Kitchen became a reality. The first product in the WeMo-enabled appliance line is a WeMo-enabled Crockpot.

How does it work

Simply sync your Smart Slow Cooker with the FREE WeMo app, and you’ll have all-day control of your device at your fingertips. Download the free WeMo app from the Amazon App Store, Google Play Store or Apple App Store to any smart device. The WeMo app keeps you connected to your crockpot anywhere: over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks. That means you can control and set your slow cooker on the go, regardless of your physical location. It talks about the total liberation of the kitchen and cooking from a distance.

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