Is Anxiety a Disability Under Ontario Law?

Disability Under Ontario Law

You may be wondering if anxiety is a disability under Ontario law. Anxiety is a condition that causes excessive stress and reactivity. While most people experience anxiety at least once in their lives, it may be more severe and prevent you from working. You may qualify for disability benefits if you have a diagnosis of anxiety, or if you have a mental health disorder that keeps you from functioning at work.

Anxiety disorders can be classified as a disability discrimination under the Canadian government, but you have to provide medical proof that your condition prevents you from working for a period of 12 months. Anxiety disorder falls under the category of “disability” in Canada, which covers a wide range of illnesses, including depression and bipolar disorder. It can also affect your physical health, including anorexia.

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The best way to prove that your depression or anxiety is a disability is to keep a personal medical journal. Document your symptoms, including when you get up in the morning, when you go to sleep, how much energy you have, and when you feel tired. Record the intensity of the symptoms, as well as any medical appointments you’ve had. Then, get in touch with a Lalande Personal Injury Lawyer who can help you file a disability claim.

Is Anxiety a Disability Under Ontario Law?

Oftentimes, disability insurers will decline a claim based on the fact that a person doesn’t attend therapy regularly. However, there are ways to prove your condition with documentary evidence. For example, a doctor can document your symptoms, but if you’re not showing up, he or she may consider your claim insufficient. If your doctor doesn’t know about your condition, you can try getting on a waiting list for treatment at a mental health outpatient clinic or hospital.

The Ontario Human Rights Code provides protections for mental health disabilities and addictions in the workplace. This legislation means that if a worker suffers from chronic or traumatic mental stress at work, they can receive compensation. The Act also requires employers to make reasonable accommodations that won’t cause undue hardship. The OHRC protects the rights of every Ontario citizen and develops policies to protect them. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind if you’re wondering if anxiety is a disability under Ontario law.

While most people are not able to work, some forms of anxiety may qualify. Symptoms of anxiety should last at least 12 months, be chronic, and negatively affect the person’s ability to function. The Social Security Administration has a list of qualifying conditions for anxiety. The Social Security Administration has guidelines for determining if anxiety qualifies for disability benefits. Typically, these conditions are caused by the underlying cause of the disorder.

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