Is your dress too short? A mature woman’s guide to the right hem

You are over forty. Can you still wear a short dress? For some women, a short hem is perfectly fine, but for others, it is definitely a lack of fashion. A dress that is too short can make a mature woman look like she’s trying too hard to look young. In others, you can expose those areas of your body that are best left hidden. Here are some basic tips for finding the right hem for you.

1. Consider your age

Age is very important in determining the correct hem for you. A sixty-five-year-old woman may have nice legs, but a miniskirt would look totally inappropriate for her. Generally speaking, hems that end at the knees are acceptable for all women. Women in their forties can wear skirts slightly above the knee. Women fifty years and older should be no shorter than the knee.

2. Consider the social situation

A shorter hem may be fine for a party or a night out, but may be totally wrong in other situations. Ideally, for the office, the hems should be no shorter than the knee. If you find yourself in a situation where you are not sure whether a short skirt is suitable, always opt for knee length clothing.

3. Think about the proportion

Interestingly, many mature women tend to drop the hem below the knee as they age. Some leave it well below the knee. However, hems that go down instead of up can also be disastrous. If your dress is too long, it can make you look older, shorter, and fatter. Always keep in mind the ratio of your height to your clothing. If you are short, a long skirt can be overwhelming. As a general rule, short women should wear the skirt at the knee or long and never, never, mid-calf.

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