Left-hand drive jeeps vs right-hand drive jeeps

One of the most debated topics among car enthusiasts is whether to opt for right-hand drive or left-hand drive vehicles. The debate has exploded due to the entry of JDM (Japan’s domestic market) vehicles. Let’s take Wrangler -RHD JEEP as our topic of interest and discuss. The choice depends on several factors. First of all, it depends on the country you reside in. If you follow the techniques on the right side of the road, it is good to have the steering on the right. There are so many cases of accidents just because the traffic on the country’s roads is not designed with RHD safety in mind. Second, it depends on whether you are right / left handed. Generally, a right-hander prefers to steer to the left and shift gears to the right. Third, it depends on how comfortable you are with the right side gear / left side gear. Ideally, if you’ve learned in a right-hand drive despite being right-handed, you’re more likely to still prefer the right-hand drive for driving.

LHD jeeps are more expensive than RHD jeeps as long as they have the same configuration. On the other hand, the resale value of the Jeep RHD is quite low and carrying out the task is quite difficult. There are misconceptions that the right-hand drive vehicle has different gear shift positions compared to the left-hand drive vehicle. The only difference is the change in address location. In technical terms, if you are so obsessed with buying a JDM -RHS jeep in USA, then you need to analyze well before proceeding whether you want to keep the same RHS address or not.

Now a conversion from RHD to LHD and vice versa is possible. The conversion spectrum includes changing the dash, repositioning clutches, windshield wipers, brake systems, firewalls, and door panels. Some changes are specific to the design of the car. It’s always important to do an analysis before purchasing an RHD vehicle and test drive so that you are sure that you are not taking a risk that you will regret later!

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