Mater Videt Omnia

What kind of world do we live in today?

Where so many have lost their way

To idolize celebrities and denounce the saints

For not being ‘at point’1 or’ fleek’2

Surely, Mary Mother of God would be

At the top of everyone’s list, a role model for each

Generation – married to Joseph, gave the world a King – conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit 3

How many Kardashians can say they have done the same? 4

However, in modern times, Mary is forgotten, discarded, while others are venerated.

Still, he stoically, compassionately awaits to be embraced once more by

The lost flock of the world, which has been led astray by the distractions of man.

In a world of instant gratification, in the midst of uncertain times.

Where once archangels like Gabriel sought her

Now, there is only silence … lack of faith … pagans abound

Has she not continued to “pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death”? 5

… and how is it that it has been honored recently? With loyalty?

Or that the masses simply turn a blind eye, forgetting what Matthew 10:16 had taught.

Many may have forgotten the Holy Mother, but it is guaranteed that she has not forgotten any of you.

1 – “extremely good, attractive or elegant”.

2 – also means “extremely good, attractive or elegant”.

3 – Luke 1: 26-38 and Matthew 1: 18-25

4 – yeezus / index.HTML

5 –

I hope everyone enjoyed this poem. I got tired of mixing traditional Catholicism with contemporary pop culture so that the work would relate to a younger audience. I’m not sure how well received it will be by younger readers, but I am hopeful that they will understand where I am coming from. Older readers who come across this poem will have some footnotes that they can follow, as there is language that many readers may not be used to. Also, I did my best to make sure I put footnotes where they were justified and there are also links to the main research material so that any interested party who wants to learn more about what I am writing can simply follow those links. Have a great day everyone and write happy!

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