Reiki: 5 ways to help yourself with the power symbol

Reiki and Reiki symbols are not just for the massage table and home. Here are five ways you can use the symbol of the power of Reiki in your daily life.

1. Traffic jams

Modern life in London (UK) is full of traffic jams, bumper cars that go on for hours, cranky kids, dehydration … I just went out to pick some vegetables, for God’s sake! – heat … and right in front of the traffic jam, some intellectually challenged person who thought it was okay to double park as long as the hazard lights came on.

Then. Sitting in my car in a traffic jam is an ideal time to play with Reiki. It keeps me calm and free from road rage. And at the same time, have you seen the effect of bouncing a power symbol up and down on the roof of the car? Before long, there’s a gap in traffic on the other side of the road, so my side can start moving again … and shortly after that the guy with the hazard lights shows up, smiles beatifically, starts his car, and takes off. march without a care in the world.

The weight of the traffic, on the other hand, requires a larger solution. A huge symbol of power that bounces up and down in the middle (a roundabout is a great place to bounce it), as well as the one on the roof of the car. Call me crazy, but those symbols of power drop little versions of themselves like little bubbles, bouncing off into the distance doing God knows what to drop the traffic and make it flow again. My daughter doesn’t even ask me anymore if I’m doing Reiki – when the traffic starts moving, she just looks at me and says “Ha!”.

This also works in human traffic jams, or ‘queues’ as we like to call them in the UK.

I think it might be a bit inappropriate to bounce symbols off the heads of people who haven’t asked for Reiki, but, you know, the floor next to them, as long as it’s in a public space, it’s fair game. I see those little bubbly power symbols bouncing off the big main, bouncing across the ground, through the whole long queue row and in no time, by great coincidence, a couple extra counters open and I’m in front to one of them to cash my check or buy stamps. And the cashier has a smile on her face for the first time that day.

2. Raise the atmosphere

Speaking of smiles, bouncing a Power symbol up and down in any public space is doing everyone a favor. Whenever I go into a store, a bank or some other place of commerce, I usually do this, especially in supermarkets. All those anxious folks desperately trying to find something nutritious to take home to their families, failing miserably so they go for the nearest microwave food, well, that leaves an energy footprint in the store. Bouncing a Power symbol in front of me as I roam the shelves clears the atmosphere not only for me, but for everyone else as well. Win win.

At home, I lift the atmosphere almost daily in my home with Reiki. Drawing a Power symbol in the center of the room, send it Reiki and then place it on each of the walls, the front of the house, the back garden, the side paths on both sides, and even the road and pavement in front. . Oh yeah, the car too.

3. Protect yourself

In the supermarket, the Power symbol can also protect you from those carts driven by distracted mothers of three, all of whom want a sweetheart or something equally inappropriate, arguing over who will push the cart and who will ride in it.

Before Reiki, I remember a woman so anxious and distracted in the supermarket who hit her cart so hard on my foot that one nail turned black and fell off. Not now.

I surround myself with Reiki Power symbols and find that, strangely, people move around me, rather than through me. The same on the main street on Saturday mornings, or in the mall.

Now this doesn’t mean that I purposely go out into less healthy areas of the city after dark, but I find that surrounding myself with symbols of Power on the rare occasions when I feel like I need a little boost helps me feel more confident. When I feel safe, my body language is unpleasant to lurking predators.

4. Protect your things

I love putting the Reiki Power symbol on my things: car, credit cards, keys, purse, computer, phone, all kinds of things.

Why? Well, partly because it’s fun knowing that all my things are filled with Reiki. And partly because I tend to forget things. What things? Everything, really. So when my stuff is full of Reiki, I don’t forget it that often.

Coincidentally, when my computer is Reiki-ed, it tends to work very well. Go figure. In fact, I know of some IT technicians who can make a “locked” PC work again by giving it a little love for Reiki.

Other Reiki people I know have started their cars when the battery has run out. I’m not really a car person, so I tend to call someone to charge the battery in those circumstances. I’ll let you know how it turns out if I’m so stuck I need to do Reiki on the motor.

However, I do Reiki with gasoline; strangely, it seems to make gasoline last longer. Or maybe it’s just me.

5. Meditation

Sometimes I like to draw a big Reiki Power symbol around me, with the spiral crossing all the chakras, and then just sit with it and meditate. Makes me feel happy.

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