The McMansion Trend: What Is It Exactly?

I’ve been talking about McMansions a lot lately. But it is not necessarily a new trend. It is just a trend that finally comes with workable solutions. I have physically worked on several McMansions myself and then, I have explored several others and have some great ideas.

Affordable housing doesn’t have to be a trailer in your parent’s driveway. You can do it yourself if you pay attention to cost fluctuations. Buy low. Make home improvements in a timely manner. Don’t let perfectly good supplies stay for more than a month or two. When you do that, you know that you will never make the improvements. Years will pass and those supplies will still be there, worn out and of no use to you.

Sometimes you will find great bargains on bricks. These are excellent driveways. They add prestige to any home and real mansions often have brick driveways. Do the math and make sure you have all the bricks you need first. But in case you don’t, there are great places you can get deals on bricks. Look through housing developments and find houses that are finished. If you see a pile of bricks, the homeowner probably doesn’t need them anymore.

Most people will offer to buy the extra bricks. Other people will use the knowledge of the business and push perfectly realistic ideas to the owner. You can inform the homeowner that you will remove your bricks for free. That has a nice angle that makes it look like you’re doing her a favor. But I have seen some people throw completely different angles at the owner. One person offered to make a deal with the landlord about his brick removal “problem.” Not only did my client get the bricks for free, he was paid to take them away. That is sneaky.

Once you’ve drilled your driveway, your eyes are usually set on that front porch. The front porches of the mansions are very prestigious. They are very welcoming and yet have a touch of security. Both styles are accomplished in one fell swoop.

Depending on the length of your porch, you will want to get columns that reach from floor to ceiling. The railings are gone. Your front porch is no longer a hangout if you want to turn your home into a McMansion. Fiberglass columns are quite inexpensive. Place them every five feet or so and finish with trim that adds arches to the space between the columns.

To add the appearance of security, put a lightweight gate on your front door. No need to remove the screen door or replace the actual door. Just add a unique wrought iron look door that covers the entire length of the door. The best is a Centurian or Bellagio style. But wrought iron can be expensive. There are aluminum doors that have the same look and feel as the heavier types of wrought iron.

We’ve covered from the driveway to the front door and we’ve most likely stayed under $ 2,000. These improvements add a great look to any home. Not only is it an aspect, but they provide a valuable aspect that most buyers consider when evaluating their home. If you are not looking to sell, you can simply enjoy the great entrance that has been provided. There will be more ideas to come on how to build your home around the elegance of your ventless gel fireplace.

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