Things to know about managed mobility services

With countless companies adopting mobility solutions, people have become familiar with mobile device management (MDM) services. However, they confuse the same thing with Managed Mobility Services (MMS). However, the truth is a long way off, as MDM is an administrative area that is a small component of managed mobility services. Unlike MDM that deals with the deployment, security, integration, management and monitoring of a wide range of mobile devices in a workplace, MMS makes it easier for employees with mobile devices to access resources that were previously restricted to users. of traditional PCs.

Many providers of these services are aware that companies have problems making a large investment for the management of mobility services. Therefore, many of these providers are implementing services that are cost-effective and therefore ideal even for SMEs in the long run. They have experience that can be extremely beneficial for companies to keep up with fierce competition. In such a fast-changing landscape, things worth knowing about managed mobility services include:

Increase employee productivity

Any company that hires managed mobility services allows its employees to have mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and others to access commercial emails, databases and corporate content. This eventually increases overall employee productivity by reducing the waste of time it takes to seek in-person approval from your immediate supervisors or managers for further job progression.

Simplify things

Managed mobility services have made things simple for businesses by eliminating all the pain that comes with managing the complexities of various mobile device platforms. As the number and types of mobile devices used by employees are growing exponentially, companies are turning to managed mobility services to allow enough time to focus on their own business operations.

Easy plan activation

Large companies, whether small or large, do not have time to invest in activating plans that they have taken advantage of to enjoy mobile network services. Also, choosing which network is the best always remains an arduous task. Mobility management services eliminate these problems completely by not only activating plans as needed, but also helping to choose the most optimal network that is also cost-effective and brilliant in terms of performance.

According to the 2016 Global Managed Mobility Services Market Research Report, the MMS market is speculated to grow to $ 19.40 billion over the next five years. The market is currently in a nascent stage and the rapid adoption of mobile devices for seamless work collaboration by companies of all sizes will fuel its growth.

Clearly, companies seeking such services go to service providers with years of experience in the industry to avoid unpleasant experiences such as a sudden escalation of costs. Although there are many, some have carved out their niche within a short period of time by consistently providing their services at an economical price without compromising performance.

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