What Are the Side Effects of Color Contact Lenses?

Side Effects of Color Contact Lenses

Using colored contact lenses is a great way to change your eye color and appearance. However, wearing them can pose some risks that you should be aware of. For example, using improperly sized colored contact lenses can cause corneal abrasions and infections. This can result in corneal ulcers, which are painful and can permanently damage your vision.

In addition, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the safety of your eyes. For example, always keep colored contact lenses in their case when not in use. If you swim, you should remove your contacts before entering the water. If you do not, your eyes can become contaminated with water bacteria, which can lead to eye infections.

Aside from infections, wearing color contact lenses can also cause red eyes. These eyes will appear as a red swollen area. In some cases, a person’s eye may become pink. If this happens, you should immediately see your doctor. Other eye problems that might appear in red eyes are keratitis, corneal vascularization, or a corneal ulcer. While all of these problems might not cause symptoms immediately, they can be very painful, especially if they aren’t treated.’

What Are the Side Effects of Color Contact Lenses?

You should also be careful with how you clean your contacts. In addition to tap water, you should also avoid using spit and saliva. Using your own spit and saliva can increase the risk of bacterial infections. You should also use a contact lens disinfecting solution to ensure your eyes are clean.

Colored contact lenses are a medical device and must be worn according to your doctor’s instructions. If you have never worn contact lenses before, you will need to have an eye exam and measure your eyes to make sure you get the right size. Your eye doctor will also be able to tell you if color contacts are comfortable for you.

You should also avoid sharing your contact lenses. This is especially important if your contacts are worn for an extended period of time. Sharing your contacts can also lead to an infection. You should also wash your hands before handling your contacts. In addition, you should replace your contact lens case every three months.

Using colored contact lenses can also cause keratitis, a corneal infection. This infection can be caused by abrasions or bacterial infections. Abrasions can result in corneal scratches, which can cause corneal ulcers. If not treated promptly, corneal ulcers can lead to permanent damage to your eyes. If you have a corneal ulcer, you should stop wearing your contact lenses.

When buying colored contact lenses, always get them from a licensed, reputable retailer. If you are not sure whether a retailer is licensed, you should be aware that some stores sell illegal contact lenses. You should also be aware that street vendors, record stores, and beauty supply stores are not likely to sell quality lenses. These vendors may not even require a prescription.

Colored contact lenses can be very beneficial for a wide range of ocular conditions. However, they can also cause abrasions and scratches, which can lead to eye infections.

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