Artillery? Genius 2 Pro 3D Printer for 3D Printers

Artillery? Genius 2 Pro 3D Printer for 3D Printers

The Artillery Genius Pro is a sturdily built medium-sized printer that comes with a black-colored base and gantry. The printer can be easily assembled and calibrated by a maker with a little bit of experience.

This 3D printer features a Titan direct drive with a Volcano hot end that can print a variety of materials, including PLA. The tempered glass printing bed heats up in less than three minutes, and it has great thermal conductivity.

Power supply

The Genius Pro uses a powerful 32-bit motherboard and an ultra-quiet stepper driver to keep printing noise to a minimum. This allows the printer to shape a variety of 3D models without compromising on quality. Its tempered glass AC heat bed is quick to heat and can reach 120 deg C in just three minutes. Its Titan extruder and intelligent auto bed leveling ensure high-precision printing.


It also offers an integrated cable design, which improves its visual look and simplifies maintenance. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use 45-degree touch screen that makes operation comfortable and simple.

The Genius 2 Pro uses FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printing technology, which pushes solid thermoplastic material through a heated nozzle and melts it to form the desired shape. It is compatible with Ultimaker Cura, a fast and easy-to-use slicer that guarantees optimal performance. It also comes with a filament spool holder that can be re-adjusted to fit different widths of filament spools.

Filament holder

The Genius Pro is one of the few 3D printers to feature a direct drive Titan Vulcano extruder. This makes it easier to print flexible filaments. The nozzle heats up in less than three minutes and can reach 240°C. It is also a more responsive extruder than many of its counterparts.

3D Printers

This makes the Genius Pro a great option for beginners and those looking for an easy-to-use FDM 3D printer. It comes with a full set of tools and is fully assembled, so you can start printing right away. It also features a filament sensor, power-loss print recovery, and automatic bed leveling.

The machine has a quiet motor driver, and its 32-bit main board is a welcome upgrade over the 8-bit boards found in older printers. Its glass bed is well-insulated and can be easily removed after a print. Setting up a slicing profile is simple with Cura, PrusaSlicer, and Ideamaker. The Genius Pro can also be easily upgraded with a metal extruder arm and a heated, all-metal hot end.

Filament feed

The Genius Pro comes in six pieces, and assembling the printer is fairly simple. The gantry and archway are pre-assembled, and the filament roll holder is a snap to attach. All that remains is to cut the zip ties and connect the remaining wires, and the Genius Pro is ready to print.

The build plate on the Genius Pro is tempered glass coated, which helps minimize warping. It also allows for better layer bonding and expands the range of materials that can be printed. The heat bed can be heated to 110 degrees in less than 130 seconds, which is fast for a large flat surface.

Artillery® Genius 2 Pro 3D Printer

The Titan-style direct extruder and Vulcano hot end make this a powerful 3D printer, especially for its price. It prints at a lower-than-average layer thickness, but the models are still good-looking and require little post-processing. The Genius is also one of the few smaller 3D printers that can print flexible materials.

Control panel

The Genius Pro 3D printer by Artillery is a powerful, quiet FDM 3D printing equipment. Its titanium-style direct extruder and volcano nozzle deliver high performance. Its tempered glass printing surface ensures level print, and automatic bed leveling reduces error and makes it easier for beginners to use.

The nozzle on the Genius Pro is resistant to clogging, which helps reduce errors. The direct-drive Titan extruder provides better retraction and responsiveness, and its long heating zone means it can process a variety of materials. The nozzle also heats up quickly, reducing the time it takes to start printing.

The Genius Pro comes with a tempered glass print bed that can reach up to 130°C, which minimizes warping and extends the range of printable materials. Its fast heating speed also means less energy consumption. The Genius Pro is also easy to operate, and comes with a full set of accessories for maintenance and repairs. Its 32-bit motherboard upgrade also improves stability and prevents jittering during printing.

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