Can You Get a Bail Bond For a Wildlife Crime?

Bail Bond For a Wildlife Crime

A bail bond is a way for people who have been arrested to get out of jail before their trial. The purpose is to ensure the accused person attends their court hearings so that they don’t miss any crucial evidence or otherwise obstruct the case. It also provides a way for friends and family to help the accused person pay for their release from jail. Bail bonds aren’t available everywhere, but are available in most states and in some countries like the Philippines.

It’s important to note that bail is not a guarantee by the court that the accused will show up to their trials. In fact, many studies show that setting bail has no impact on court attendance at all. However, judges often decide that it’s a good idea to make sure people will come to their trials by making them pay money or promise to do so if they don’t show up.

The judge is supposed to examine the facts of each case and determine if the defendant is likely to flee from the court. This is called a flight risk assessment. If the judge thinks the accused is a flight risk then they will set a high amount of bail bonds. An experienced criminal lawyer, like Ken Lewis, can argue for a reduced bail at the bail hearing. They can help the accused prove they are not a flight risk by pointing out that they have strong ties to the community, have no passport and live in a safe neighborhood with other residents who know them.

Can You Get a Bail Bond For a Wildlife Crime?

Once the bail amount is set it’s time to find a bondsman who can take on the responsibility of paying the amount. They’ll usually ask for the full name of the accused person and details about the charges they are facing. It’s important to provide as much information as possible to the bondsman so they can quickly locate the accused and make sure they are on their way to court for their trial.

If the accused doesn’t show up to court on their set trial dates then a warrant will be issued for their arrest. This is a very serious situation and it’s important to talk to a qualified defense lawyer about your options. Bail bonds offer several advantages, especially for those who cannot afford to pay the full bail amount upfront. They provide a way for individuals to secure their release from custody promptly, enabling them to continue their daily lives, maintain employment, and actively participate in their defense. Without bail bonds, many individuals, innocent until proven guilty, might languish in jail for extended periods simply due to financial constraints.

It’s not uncommon for someone to fail to appear in court for a traffic ticket or an ordinance violation, but it’s not okay. If you’re charged with a wildlife crime, be prepared to pay the price. Contact an attorney for a consultation today to discuss your situation. They’re here to fight for your rights!

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