Is it really that important to write a resume?

The reason so many people are willing to invest a significant amount of time, energy, and money creating a resume is because it is the area of ​​the job search they control. Psychologists will tell you that an innate fear of failure causes people to take what seems like forever to create their summaries. They fear rejection through a face-to-face interview, which is why they spend so much time crafting the ‘perfect’ resume rather than calling a potential employer on the phone, for example. Hardly anyone gets hired through a resume alone and must also face an interview. You should know that according to recruiters, 40% of a hiring decision is based entirely on the individual’s personality. So your resume is just the beginning of the job search journey, so stop taking so long to create it!

What to include in your abstract

Keep it to less than 2 A4 pages because most abstracts are scanned in a matter of seconds. The content should be easy to read and relatively free of jargon. Because? Because the person reading your resume is probably from the company’s human resources department and has no clue about the technical issues related to your industry. Stay traditional in terms of font with Times New Roman 10-12 font size and black on white paper typeface. A simple Word document format is sufficient and your employment and education history should be entered in reverse chronological format.

Believe it or not, including personal information is what could prevent you from being hired. For example, if the job you are looking for involves a lot of travel and you are married with young children, the company may decide not to interview you. Avoid fancy phrases and use words that refer to titles like controller, manager, and customer service. Above all, tell a story on your resume as much as space allows. For example, explain that you completed a project 20% under budget or were responsible for initiatives that resulted in a 14% increase in company profits.

courage and initiative

Initiative is not just something that needs to be shown in a summary; it should be in everything you do related to the job search. About 60% of jobs are found through networking, so instead of waiting for a recruiter to see your resume online, start picking up the phone and talking to everyone you’ve worked with who They may have connections. Leave no stone unturned in your commitment to make yourself known and find important information about the people and companies that are hiring.

In the end, it is courage that will get you a job as much as your experience and qualifications. You might be the most talented person in your field, but if no one knows you exist, how can you expect to be called in for an interview? Anyone can submit a resume, but ultimately, it’s the interviews that get you a job. It is important that you accept the risk of being rejected and that you keep trying again and again until you succeed. While it’s absolutely necessary to take some time to create a great professional resume, don’t spend weeks and months doing it because it’s just one step in a very long journey.

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