What to expect from your disability lawyer

When it comes to disability, the federal government requires many procedures for filing claims in order for you to get the benefits you deserve. It is an experience that can be physically and emotionally draining. The legal support of your disability lawyer can be very beneficial during this difficult time in your life.

The attorney is responsible for helping you through the claim process so that your life can get back to as much of a normality as possible. Although disability lawyers handle cases in different ways, there are many similarities in the approaches they use to develop and handle cases in preparation for hearing. Below are some of the main things to expect from your lawyer.

detailed interview

When you contact the attorney to represent you, the next thing they will do is schedule an initial interview with you. The lawyer can come to you and the main purpose of the interview is to get all the basic facts about the case. The facts are what will be used to develop a case using an approach that has higher success rates in your favor. The interview can be by phone or physical meeting. If the case has a better chance of winning, the attorney will be more than willing to represent you.

Develop medical evidence.

Once you entrust your case to the lawyer, you will be asked to sign a medical privacy release, which will allow them access to your medical records. After reviewing the medical records, the attorney will determine if additional testing is necessary to increase the chances of winning the claim. Social Security dictates the tests that must be taken for disability, and the attorney may ask you to schedule a consultative exam with one of their doctors, or you may be allowed to take the test in private. The doctors involved will offer supporting statements about the functional limitations, if any, and the attorney will decide what to do with any incorrect evidence that could end up hurting the case and also decide which medical records are most relevant to present.

get ready to listen

Once all the documents are ready and the hearing date is near, your attorney will begin preparing you for the claims hearing. The pre-hearing communication really matters because it gives you an idea of ​​how the case will be handled and also teaches you how to answer questions that may be asked. The attorney will discuss common questions with you. Some of the questions can be embarrassing and if you are not sure of their relevance you can always ask the lawyer to clarify why you should answer that question and how it helps the case.

Organize witnesses

Witnesses who can testify at a hearing can help or hurt the case. Therefore, your disability attorney will be responsible for deciding what testimony is needed to win the case and whether any witnesses need to take part in the case. Employers of caregivers and trainers are potential witnesses.

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