Leeds rentals, what are the key points to note about choosing student accommodation!

“Introduction to student accommodation

Student accommodation in the UK is a very well established and robust system of standardised student accommodation. Universities in the UK usually have only a few blocks of self-owned student accommodation, due to limited funds and effort. Due to financial and energy constraints, the freehold student accommodation at UK universities typically caters for less than 20% of the student population. Therefore, since the 1980s, companies specialising in the construction and management of student accommodation have emerged in the UK and have started to build Leeds student accommodation around universities.

These companies worked very closely with the universities. These companies are well funded and the buildings are generally new, well equipped and luxuriously furnished, with professional property and management teams, and all have 24-hour surveillance and access control systems. Some of them are also equipped with a gym and audio-visual room. These student residences are located in the vicinity of the university, making them very convenient for living and studying. For the same type of room, the price of a student flat is similar to that of a school dormitory. They are also very popular with students as they are a great addition to the school dormitory and need to be booked in advance.

Student Accommodation Facilities

A Basic Room is a single room with minimal furniture and facilities. Generally in the UK, a Flat consisting of less than three Basic Rooms is equipped with one bathroom, and a Flat of four to seven Rooms is equipped with two bathrooms. The Basic Room is the least expensive of the three and therefore the most affordable option.

The Ensuite Room is the other type of single room. It differs from the Basic room in only one way: it has a separate toilet and bathroom. Again, an Ensuite will have a bed, desk, wardrobe and other facilities. The kitchen is shared. The price of an Ensuite room is a little more expensive than a Basic room because it has an en-suite bathroom. Studio rooms are generally known as single suites or studio flats, similar to what we now call an open plan room.

studio is a very common type of student accommodation in Leeds, ranging in size from 12 square metres to 30 square metres, and the room will be provided with a bed, desk, wardrobe, toilet, bathroom, kitchen and other facilities. The kitchen in a studio is open plan, but there is only one area in the first room with kitchen facilities, so this type of kitchen is not suitable for cooking Chinese stir-fry dishes and other fishy dishes.

If there is only one room in a flat, it is called a 1 badroom flat, which is also known as a one-bedroom flat. This type of flat is the most well-equipped, largest and most expensive type of student accommodation. 1 Badroom Flat is a type of flat where the living area and kitchen are separate from the bedroom, and is suitable for those who are more demanding and have more money.

A student living in an Ensuite Room usually shares a communal kitchen with other students, and this is called a Cluster Flat. Each room is an Ensuite, with multiple students sharing a kitchen and living room. This is similar to a university dormitory in China, but with different facilities and occupancy levels. Many student houses offer group bookings, so if you want to stay with friends, you can apply for a flat together, which is suitable for people who like to live together and socialise.

Living in student accommodation provides a unique opportunity for students to build connections and engage in social interactions. Accommodation providers often organize social events, workshops, and activities that foster a sense of community among residents. These initiatives encourage cultural exchange, friendship formation, and personal growth. Through communal living, students have the chance to develop lifelong friendships, establish support networks, and engage in shared experiences. The sense of community within student accommodation contributes to a well-rounded college experience and helps students feel a sense of belonging.

Student flats usually include a desk, chair, bed, bedside table, wardrobe, bookshelves and so on. Toilets usually include flush toilets, showers, sinks, etc. The kitchen and living room common areas have a cooker, fridge, sink, bar, dining table, chairs, sofas etc. Note that in the UK the kitchen is usually located in the same area as the living room and is an open plan area. Student flats do not usually have a washing machine in the flat, but there is usually a paid laundry in the building.

With regard to the cost of heating and plumbing, the cost of heating and plumbing in student flats is usually included in the rent.

Advantages of student accommodation;

1. Convenient and easy to move into, student accommodation has developed to become the dominant mode of student accommodation in the UK today. It accounts for over 60% of the student accommodation market. And for international students, its market share is even greater. Easy to move in, with all the amenities and no need to think about utilities, internet bills, etc. And the rooms are highly standardised and suitable for students as short-term accommodation.

2. Sound system, student accommodation is usually operated by the university and large off-campus student accommodation companies. There is a good reputation to protect. In addition, a robust system of regulation of UK accommodation makes student accommodation the most hassle-free and worry-free way to live as a student.”

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