Addicted to love

Love addiction focuses on love as a solution to inner pain,
loneliness and emptiness. In addiction to love, relationship or need
Because romance consumes everything
Nothing else in life has the same

The love addict has very intense emotions including anger, fear, hatred
and ‘love’ for the other person, and is this extreme positive or
negative intensity that differentiates love addiction from habit

where we often also develop a longing for the object of desire.

An addiction generally affects and includes the body, emotions, and
the mind.

On a physical level, our brain actually creates a chemical, PEA
that creates the thrill and excitement we experience when we fall into
love. When this person leaves our life, the body produces
withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, cramps, or loss of appetite.

We all may have experienced these symptoms from the loss of a loved one.
In case of love addiction, there are also a desperate need to recover
this person or relationship back
, accompanied by an increase
feeling of guilt or shame for one’s “weakness” to let this person go.

On an emotional-mental level, being in love makes most people
feel good. In case of love addiction, create a feeling of being ‘on top
of the world ‘, feeling drunk with love, being euphoric beyond any sense
from reality on the steps needed to turn the attraction into a

When these feelings fade, the love addict will do anything to
regain this love even at the price of immersing your own personality in
the loved one fully identifying with their interests and needs.

In love addiction, the addict is often obsessed with finding the ‘prince
or ‘princess’
which will be THE FOREVER and will solve all the
problems. Life without that love seems to have no meaning.

The desperate need to find that person or regain a lost love can
destroy all other parts of life, create chaos, tension and anxieties and
it threatens life itself when chronic pain turns into suicidal thoughts.

Because love addiction is supported through the ideal of romantic love.
love in movies and songs, it’s actually quite difficult to break the
delusion that is part of the addiction to love. All addictions have an element of denial, but in the case of love addiction it is more serious. Addicted to love
often do not see the connection between their pain and suffering and the
illusory quality of what they seek as love.

The first step would be recognize love addiction as such
and then to take the necessary measures to satisfy all those needs that
have been delegated to THE ONE.
This may require finding out
what you can do to be good to yourself, to love yourself, and to
appreciate the good things in your life.

Another important step is accept that you can be single for a long time

begin to develop a wide variety of interests and activities, know
people and make new friends.
This will make your company more
enjoyable, it will give you practice in developing social skills and increase your
chances of finding a compatible partner to cope with everyday life.

With a good network of friends and acquaintances and exploring new
and interesting ways to share your life with them, the emptiness and
the aching longing will fade.

Because love addiction is so deeply ingrained, you may need extra help to
understand the dynamics of love addiction and change the
energy patterns that keep addiction in place so you can
Develop healthy relationship patterns and communication skills.

I offer a free course on how to develop healthy relationships, a
race distance in love
where I change those energy patterns
through a wide range of healing modalities such as movement,
breath, color or sound and a book and the e-book Beyond
where you will find a complete description of the
different stages of love
with their own qualities and challenges to give
You have a broader view of the context of love addiction. You will also find a practical manual in this book on how to strengthen a
positive me
and move beyond this illusion of love

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