Book summary: permission to win

From a new generation of motivators, America’s Attitude Coach

Ray Pelletier offers you a practical guide to translate

your personal mission in concrete action. To do today

your January 1st. Say goodbye to negative thoughts and

change your life giving yourself permission to win.

Talk to champions

Misperceptions of ourselves are formed early

childhood and can stay with us for the rest of our lives,

Unless we make an effort to change and make a profit


Decide to win

The first step to winning is: You need to make up your mind to win.

Your January 1 marks the day you decide to restructure

your way of thinking and escaping from every cell to which

others have confined or limited it.

What is winning?

Winning is recognizing one of the greatest truths in life:

“It doesn’t matter what happens to you, only what you do

with what happens to you! “- a winner is someone who

knows how to overcome adversity.

Objectives and missions

Your mission refers to your reason for being on earth,

your purpose in life. We all need a vision and a mission.

reflecting our unique talents and desires. Is

something that devours us and is the inner voice that

it tells us what we should do with our time.

Some of the unhappiest people are the ones who never get

goals for themselves and continue working in a job that

they hate or stay in a dead end relationship. Thesis

people delude themselves of greater personal fulfillment

and inner peace.

Attitude: the magic of mental coaching

You need to find yourself a coach. Where can you find the

best coach? Look at the mirror. If you are going to be a

long-term winner, you have to access your subconscious

mind and reprogram it with positive thoughts and

experiences that will keep you on top!

If you’ve been programmed to think you’re a loser and

It will never be much, most likely that’s what

will become. It can be reprogrammed to think that

you are a winner.

Learning makes it possible

You are responsible to yourself for getting the best education.

to prepare you for your dream. Note that many

“overnight success” cases actually took years to complete.


Remember: winners never stop learning.

Communicate: the wheel hub

The winners follow these principles of effective communication:

1. Think before you speak.

2. Stay in control of your emotions and be positive,

open-minded and respectful of the points of view of others.

3. When communicating with others: be courteous. Whose

interrupt. Be careful.

4. When you have something to say, start by listening.

5. KISS – Keep it simple, Simon! This means cool

communicators use plain, simple, concise and direct

idiom. Nobody likes a pretentious person who only uses

big words and likes to sound superior.

6. Raising your voice unnecessarily can be interpreted as

a sign of anger or frustration and should be avoided in

each instance. Stay focused on your goal.

Family and personal relationships

Winners can weather a storm and do well. Yes

your spouse has left you, it may be time to put on a

winner hat and move on. Create your new life and not

get bogged down in depression and inactivity. Remind,

We can’t adjust the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

Earning in the workplace

Always remember: you are responsible for your own

career. Your attitude is everything. Let

your work luggage out the door when you get home.

Also, leave your personal luggage outside the door.

when you arrive at your workplace. In real life, we do

the mistake of bringing home our work problems, and our

problems from home to work.

Give you away

All human beings, no matter what religion they belong to,

find happiness and fulfillment in a way of giving or

charity. It is when we help others we feel lighter,

and happier. Choose a cause that interests you and fits

your talent and unique profile. This will add a new meaning

to your life.

Fiscal aptitude

Yes, you CAN deal with making a living AND work in

your personal mission. Few of us are rich enough or

lucky enough to just chase our dreams without

thinking about where we will obtain our financing. Take a

Daily effort to schedule a part of your day for the

his personal dream job, and another to pay the


The water of life

This probably involves the major radios in the world.

Circle or Wheel of Life. The water of life refers to the

three essential rays of the Circle of Life:

1. The spiritual

2. Physical fitness

3. Leisure

We must all make room for these activities.

Permission to win

1. Free yourself from self-imposed restrictions and open

your mind to the potential of a champion.

2. Don’t let the loss of a job, relationship, or relationship

sickness takes your strength away.

3. The best thing about human beings is their ability

to overcome adversity.

4. Give yourself permission to win and get started today!

5. Take five seconds to approach a mirror and say to yourself

loud and firm: “I give you permission to win.”

Key thoughts:

“Worry more about your character than about your

reputation, because characte is what you really are,

while your reputation is simply what others think

are. “-John Wooden, college basketball coach

“Although they only give gold medals in the field of

athletics, I encourage everyone to take a look at themselves

and find your own personal dream, whatever it is

be – sports, medicine, law, business, music, writing,

what. The same principles apply. Turn your dream

on a target and learn how to attack that target

systematically. Break it into bite-sized pieces that

It seems possible, and then don’t give up. Just keep

Disconnecting it. ”

– John Naber, swimmer, four-time Olympic gold medalist

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