Christmas in July: rekindling the magic of a traditional white Christmas

Everyone loves a traditional snow-themed Christmas. However, for many countries December is summer and the thought of cooking a hot meal is enough to cause heat stroke. So, in various countries around the world, “Christmas in July” is understandably gaining popularity. In recent times, it is seen as an unofficial holiday marked by celebrations that include parties and dinners with the traditional heavy hot meals associated with the cooler holiday Christmas weather in the Northern Hemisphere on December 25.

Many countries, like Australia, experience warm to hot weather on December 25 and July is the coldest month. Australia has recently adopted this new custom of celebrating “Christmas in July” and is gaining momentum across the country. Like many other countries that experience warm or hot weather in December, July offers the opportunity to capture the atmosphere of a traditional cold-weather Christmas with campfires, a hot roast, and a hot plum pudding. For many people who yearn to experience a traditional Christmas party, “Christmas in July” is the only way they can experience it without spending a lot of money to travel to another country in the Northern Hemisphere. Not many people want to leave family and friends behind in December to experience a “White Christmas”, so “Christmas in July” is the perfect alternative.

“Christmas in July” is also gaining popularity with retailers who often hold “Christmas in July” sales. If you do a Google search on the Internet for “Christmas in July,” you’ll see hundreds of retailers offering all kinds of products, holidays, and gift ideas. Christmas movies are also popular during this time with reruns on television. A wonderful and fun movie that you can buy or rent is “Christmas in July (1940),” starring Dick Powell and Ellen Drew. There is even a shopping television channel “QVC” that has a program called “Christmas in July”.

Although “Christmas in July” is celebrated on different dates during this month in different countries, there is no doubt that “Christmas in July” will continue to gain popularity. Not only is it exciting to experience a traditional “White Christmas” for people residing outside of the Northern Hemisphere, it is also a wonderful time when people remember the virtues associated with Christmas: giving, forgiving, love, and gratitude. The mid-year reflection offers a healing opportunity for people to begin the transformation process from the inside out, reviving and rekindling the spirit that belongs to Christmas.

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