Generic Cover Letter – New Study Shows 39% of Job Candidates Get Eliminated Because of This!

The only good thing about a generic cover letter is the fact that you at least have one – it’s that important!

A new study by The Ladders revealed that a whopping 39% of job applicants were immediately removed by recruiters because they did not send a cover letter. And these weren’t kids fresh out of college who entered the job market for the first time and made this deadly mistake. These were candidates for high-level positions (The Ladders cater to the $ 100,000+ job market) who forgot the golden rule: details matter! Attention should be paid to creating the CL, the resume, and the thank you note. You need ALL the advantages when looking for a job in today’s job market!

The survey of 500 hiring professionals that was conducted in early April 2009 uncovered the following facts about CL:

Respect the process– A whopping 39% of recruiters (that’s almost half) have removed a job candidate because they did NOT include a cover letter, that should tell you how important this part of the job application really is!
Recruiters Agree Cover Letters Are Vital: 88% of recruiters said that every job candidate should include one as part of their resume package.
Half of job seekers are in the dark: Only 53% of executive-level applicants actually include a cover letter.

This is amazing to me as a professional resume writer, that high-level job applicants are so casually overlooking a basic resume at devastating cost. The real truth is that a Generic cover letter Done with some of the new cutting edge techniques it can do more to get you the interview than anything else.

“Just as your resume is a professional marketing tool, so is your cover letter,” says Wendy Enelow, executive resume writer and training consultant for The Ladders. “Take the time to write a powerful and persuasive letter with a call to action: to invite you to an interview”

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