Pizza Hut Competitors in Pakistan

The pizza market in Pakistan, encouraged by the successful response to Pizza Hut, generated more market participants.

In the branded pizza market, Pizza Hut has almost 90-95% of the market share. The company has 34 outlets, while competitors have far fewer.

Dominos Pizza

The first Domino’s store opened on September 12, 2004 near Schon’s Circle in Clifton. It is a pizza franchise that is owned and operated by Pakistani professionals and is owned by Unique Food Service Company. Internationally, it has 7000 stores in more than 50 countries. Domino’s Pizzas are known and established as experts in pizza delivery. They specialize in quick deliveries and have more bark options.

In the Pakistani market, Domino’s Pizza made a strategic move by introducing their traditional handmade pizza at the same price as the competition, but offering much larger sizes for the same price. This got a positive response from customers. Also to compete on Ramzan, with Ramzan’s successful Pizza Hut offering, Domino Pizza launched a huge 16 “pizza with a value-added deal. This also received a positive response.

Domino has a recently introduced unique proprietary technology known as the “Domino Hot and Fresh Pizzas Delivery System”. This state-of-the-art heating system keeps pizzas warm until they are delivered. Pakistan is the third market in the world to purchase and implement this revolutionary heating technology to ensure that pizzas are delivered almost hot to the oven. Currently located at Clifton, Stadium Road and Nursery.

Dominos, however, only compete in the delivery area, as it is not a franchise dinner.

Dad johns

In Pakistan it is found in Karachi on Two swords and Kheban-e-Rahat.

Papa Johns opened its first restaurant in 1985 in the US and has now grown to nearly 3,000 Papa John’s stores in all 49 US states, over 200 in the UK either owned or franchised, 30 in China, more than 15 in Canada, and stores in 20 total international markets. In Pakistan, it is currently present only in Karachi at Two Swords in Clifton and Kheyban-e-Rahat.

Papa Johns has positioned itself as a superior quality traditional pizza. He keeps the menu simple to focus on the quality of his product using only quality simple ingredients and includes take-out items and side dishes. Papa John’s famous motto is “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.”

Pizza experts

The company focuses on high quality products, authentic food in elegant surroundings at prices that offer good value for money. Pizza Experts is especially known for their crazy food offerings around the world. Located in Clifton, Bahadurabad, Gulistan-e-Johar, North Nazimabad and Sindhi Muslim

Pizza Express

The history of Pizza Express begins in 1948 when the founder of the company, Mr. Peter Boizot MBE, tasted his first pizza in Florence. After returning to London in the 1960s, he realized that the UK was missing a pizza worthy of the name. A good pizza, he decided, had to be cooked authentically, like those he had enjoyed in other parts of Europe. But for that he needed a special oven that could reach the required high temperatures.

The first Pizza Express oven was brought in from Rome together with a man to operate it, and was installed in the company’s first restaurant on Wardour Street in London’s Soho. The business flourished and in 1967 he opened a second restaurant, this time on Coptic Street, Bloomsbury. Year after year, more restaurants continued to open to satisfy the hunger of Britons eager for authentic Italian pizza.

Competitors have a minimal market share as the number of outlets is limited.

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