Should you buy Micromax mobile phones?

Micromax is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in India. It is the 10th largest smartphone provider in the world. The company is considered as the second largest supplier of manufacturing and selling innovative and affordable mobile devices in India. It sells around 2.3 million devices every month. Surprisingly, the telecom giant does not sell any products beyond the Rs 16,000 price range.

As the numbers grow, it’s time to choose 2 Micromax cell phones and find out if the company is worth it.

CANVAS xpress 4G


  • High speed connectivity
    With the 4G LTE connectivity option available on this device, HD video streaming and email verification is quick and lag-free.
  • Display quality
    It is equipped with a 5-inch IPS HD screen to view videos and photos comfortably without eyestrain.
  • Camera
    It has an 8 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera. You can take beautiful, sharp and clear photos.
  • Storage
    It is easy to store documents, music files and videos on it. It comes with a 32GB SD card slot.


  • Heating problems
  • If you surf the Internet for a longer time, you face heating problems.
  • Backup battery
    You have a poor battery backup. You may need to find a charger at night to charge it.
  • Weight
    The device is considerably heavy to carry in pockets.
  • Play
    The touch function is not smooth and does not respond to the function keys.

Should you buy it?

At Rs. 5999, xpress 4G is an affordable product in this price segment. However, Moto E is also available at Rs. 5999, which is more popular.

Magnus A117 Canvas Print


  • Processor and RAM
    The phone is fast because it has a 1.5 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM to improve performance.
  • Weight
    It is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Gaming experience
    A user can play many games without lag.
  • Drums
    Battery life is good in this budget range.
  • Performance
    It’s easy to search for videos and send emails simultaneously.
  • Sound quality
    You can connect your favorite headphones and enjoy excellent sound quality.
  • OTG support
    It supports OTG USB to connect an external USB as an additional storage option.


  • Heating problems
    The device heats up if it is used continuously for hours. However, the degree of heating is considerably low.

Should you buy it?

At Rs. 11,995, the device has received many positive reviews from customers. Although it comes in a competitive price segment (Rs 10,000 – Rs. 15,000), it is one of the most popular and sold Micromax mobile phones.


In short, these smartphones are good value for money devices.

It is important to compare these products on a price comparison site to make smart purchasing decisions.

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