Stop and Smell the Roses: The Aromatherapy of Erotic Massage

What could be better than a soft and sensual massage? One that smells absolutely divine, of course! You may not consider scent to be that important to your erotic massage technique, but when it comes to your touch, you’ll be amazed at what a difference an aphrodisiac can make.

Aromatherapy? Not for me…

when i say the word “aromatherapy” You may already have visions of New Age music and your wife’s special spa treatment, but there are a dozen great reasons to incorporate the basic science of scent into your sex life. Don’t be fooled: aromatherapy is serious business!

The main ingredient in any aromatherapy treatment or concoction is essential oils – a volatile oil from vegetable matter, the part of the plant that gives it smell and taste. You can buy essential oils from several different sources to make your own massage blends. You can buy pre-mixed oils ready to use, or you can even try making your own!

Just remember… being natural doesn’t automatically make something safe. Some essential oils are contraindicated for pregnant or menopausal women. Others can make the skin more photosensitive or cause irritation. If you decide to mix your own mixes, be sure to carefully follow the instructions regarding the preparation of massage mixes. All essential oils must be mixed in what is called a oil traceThe kind of oils typically used for cooking and body preparations: almond, grapeseed, coconut, and even olive oil from the grocery store will work, although something with a more neutral or tropical scent is generally recommended.

It works?

Dozens of different oils have been associated with aphrodisiac properties, but each has its own particular predilections. What your woman enjoys will depend on her olfactory senses, so experiment a bit and see what she likes. She smells the perfumes and air fresheners that she uses. Does she like it floral, spicy, musky or fresh? Does she tend towards sweet citrus notes or salty herbs? Why not take a shopping trip to a local essential oil supplier with your lover and see what kind of scents you can choose together? Here is a list of common aphrodisiac oils to get you started on your search.

Amber It has a sweet, sensual scent that begs to linger in the hollow of your throat and spread through your pulse points, reminiscent of your favorite perfume. It has an overpowering scent that can be difficult to blend, so use sparingly.

Basil it’s sweet and spicy, stimulating sexual stimulation as well as being mentally and emotionally invigorating for those days when you’re so tired you’re worried a massage is all you want. She doesn’t worry, if something will wake her up. , it’s basil!

Bergamot it is an overall mood lifter with a soft citrusy floral scent that blends nicely with the others.

CinnamonWith its spicy apple pie scent, it is a favorite of men and women alike, fostering a relaxing, homey feeling while enlivening any situation.

Clover It complements cinnamon mixtures very well, with another spicy note.

Cardamomanother favorite “vs” spice, it has a sweet and seductive scent that encourages sexual attraction with a warm and inviting glow.

Cilantro It should be used sparingly, but its sweet and spicy aroma is often considered an aphrodisiac, blending well with other oils such as jasmine and sandalwood.

ginger is another spicy scent that can be used in hot oils, again with caution. It is known to heighten passions and inflame desires, and goes well with “C” spices.

Pink grapefruit it’s incredibly uplifting and pairs well with other citruses, along with neroli, bergamot, and “vs” spices above. It’s another mood lifter to help brighten a bad day.

Jasmine It’s a heady floral scent that almost no woman can resist, adding warmth and sensual notes to any mix. It should be avoided during pregnancy, but it blends well with other musky oils like amber, neroli, and sandalwood.

lavender It is a classic massage scent due to its ability to encourage relaxation. It’s also antibacterial so it works great for foot massages after a long hard day in heels!

neroli is an exotic aphrodisiac with a deep and seductive aroma known to facilitate sexual arousal and clear communication between lovers.

Pinkish the essential oil is as good as a dozen precious flowers, sweet and sensual, uplifting and joyful, speaking directly to the heart. It is perfect for special occasions and pairs well with other exotic or floral scents.

Patchouli It is exotic and musky with a very earthy scent, both provocative and sensual to lower inhibitions and heighten desires. It tends to blend very well with the natural scent of the body.

Sandalwood is another musky fragrance with deep notes that speak to its use in ritual and meditative practices around the world. It is excellent for making love slowly and sensually.

vanilla is another classic scent that, like cinnamon, tends to remind us of home. It goes very well with spices as well as any of the floral scents.

ylang ylang It is the quintessential erotic and exotic aromatherapy aphrodisiac, known to improve libido and your well-being.

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