The Process of Renting Student Accommodation in Lancaster

Renting Student Accommodation in Lancaster

Students from around the world choose to study in Lancaster for a fantastic blend of ancient architecture, outstanding academic experiences and great student lifestyle. Its tiny railway station, excellent bus connections and superb cycle infrastructure make it a very easy area to get around.

When choosing a place to live, there are a number of different options open to students including student houses and apartments. Apartments can have between one and three rooms to share with fellow students. These are usually situated in the city centre or within walking distance to the university campus. They tend to be more expensive than houses with two or more bedrooms but can offer a more independent living experience.

Those looking for a Lancaster student accommodation in the city centre can find lots of high street shops, pubs and restaurants on their doorstep. Bowerham, Primrose and City Centre are the most popular areas for students to choose to live, while Freehold, Fairfield and Scotforth are also very desirable locations that have a more peaceful feel to them.

A studio flat in the centre of Lancaster can cost between 510 pounds per month to over 700 pounds per month for higher quality apartments. They typically have a private kitchen and bathroom, a lounge with sofa or armchairs, and either a double or single bed. Those who want to live a bit further out may opt for a house or a converted barn. These are generally slightly cheaper but still have the benefit of having a private kitchen, bathroom and lounge.

The Process of Renting Student Accommodation in Lancaster

The process of renting Lancaster student accommodation can take a while as the student market is very competitive. When a property is found it is important to have all paperwork in order and to pay the deposit upfront prior to Sept 1st. It is also advisable to use a guarantor agency such as Housing Hand who for a fee can act on your behalf.

Unlike other Cities across the UK, there are no planning restrictions on HMO in Lancaster so this is an area of growing interest for investors. The cheap pound has also seen a lot of foreign investment into Lancaster property which is helping to push prices up.

Co-living spaces, where students share common areas while enjoying private bedrooms, are gaining popularity. These arrangements foster a sense of community while providing personal space. Flexibility in lease durations and the ability to customize living spaces to individual needs further enhance the appeal of modern student accommodation.

Once settled into your new student home you can start exploring the area of Lancaster and discovering what makes it such a unique and special place. Its historic city centre is a treasure trove of independent shops, restaurants and bars, while the Charter Market takes over the cobbled streets every Wednesday and Saturday.

For those looking to escape the busy centre of Lancaster, there are plenty of tranquil parks and green spaces to enjoy. The Lune River meanders through the middle of the city and offers scenic views over the countryside beyond. There are also several museums and galleries, as well as an excellent choice of places to go for a bite to eat. If you prefer a night out, the city is very lively with a variety of pubs and clubs to suit all tastes.

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